Girls Girls Girls

Learned today that our next grandchild will be a girl. I have been telling our daughter to THINK PINK for months and today she said it worked! Dad and Mom to be are very excited and bewildered as they really thought they would have a boy. Our granddaughter, Ruby, said it was a girl right from the start and while I would give her just about anything I did wonder how she would accept a boy cousin. Turns out nothing to worry about.

Grandpa and Nina are thrilled to think that there will be another little girl in our lives. More importantly, Ruby and her new cousin will learn that their role in helping the economy will be far reaching and a lifelong commitment. "SHOP TILL WE DROP" will be their motto, and if Nina wants to help fund this venture, well why not.

41 Years

My husband and I are celebrating our 41st year of holy matrimony. Wow, has time flown by. To celebrate we went to dinner and when we got home we talked to the the grandkids. Now that is something to celebrate. Our grandkids are the sweetest little ones. They get excited to talk to us and then when they are done, they are done. Wouldn't it be better if we all took a lesson from them. I can't wait to see them next month. It is so amazing that these 2 little creatures actually know who we are and get so excited to see us. Makes my heart sing, cliche or not. I am truly a lucky woman. I have a man who loves me and has for more than 41 years and great children who never forget to call on special occasions (well, almost never) and the best grandkids in the world, including those who have yet to enter this world. So, to my children, I love you, to my grandkids, I love you more and to my husband, I will always love you the best!

Grandpa and Nina

Okay, I have kept quiet long enough. We are going to have another grandchild, sometime in December. Our daughter and her husband told us of this wonderful news on Mother's Day but asked that we keep it to ourselves until now. So... I can now shout out that they are pregnant and we are so elated. This will make number 3 for us, and oh boy, wow, hooray, am I being to descriptive. Think Pink Think Pink Think Pink, but if you must think Blue. In addition to this wonderful news, we also have a wedding to think about this October as our son gets married to a wonderful young woman who will then be another member of our growing family. Life is sweeeeeeet!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year

It is 3 days into the new year. We had a really nice time over the last week. Judy, my sister-in-law and Joey, my brother-in-law stayed with us for several days. During that time we met hellosunshine and stubiebrother and his family for brunch, spent a very nice day in Ojai, did some wine tasting and window shopping had a really nice New Year's dinner ( I cooked, and it was really nice) and then went to our friends Brian and Al to ring in the New Year. All in all it was really nice. Best of all we found out we are to be grandparents again. At that point nothing could spoiled our year.

I'm Back

It has been months since my last post and I have no excuses.

We are in the process of having our home painted (inside) and the place is topsy turvy. is beginning to look really great. We replaced all of our baseboards throughout the house with 5 1/4" boards and they turned out great. The 2 bedrooms are finished except the doors and the blue we picked out for the walls is perfect. The contractor says they hope to be finished by Friday (we hope so too). Can't wait. Next, new carpet for upstairs and new furniture for downstairs. Our children and grandkids are all going to be here for Thanksgiving and we will have a freshly painted, hopefully newly carpeted place for them.

Blink Blink Vacations Over

It is over a month since I last posted and in that time I/we managed to celebrate 40 years of marriage, re-new our wedding vows (performed by the Captain of a ship no less), set foot on three continents, visit 4 foreign countries and, get a great tan. I don't know the total number of miles traveled although I'm sure both my husband and son could tell you. I may get around to posting some photos but not now. It is finally Friday, the last day of the my first week back to work. Just think 3 weeks off, one week back and I'm ready to go on vacation again. Must be something I ate. More on that later!

Euros Euros Euros

A lesson learned is never a bad thing. Thanks to our son, we now have our traveling Euros. BofA made it easy to exchange $ for Euros and delivered them to a local bank. Good for B of A for such good customer service.

On another note, our implementation of SAP is less than 2 weeks away. There are some skeptics, JTR, who doubted we would meet the deadline, and while it is still 2 weeks away I am confident it will happen. The production client is being loaded with legacy data as I write this. 90K part numbers have been uploaded along with all a miriad of additonal stuff. I can say implementations are tough and aggressive implementations like ours is super tough. Our consultants are amazed we have completed as much as we have in the time we have. Several have told us that we are setting a new benchmark for SAP implementations. Yahoo!


I have 3 brothers, 2 older, 1 younger. I haven't seen 2 of my brothers since my Dad passed away in 2004 and in fact have had no contact with either one since then. Recently, my oldest brother's wife passed away and shortly thereafter he wound up in the hospital for emergency surgery. He survived only to wind up back in the hospital shortly after his release the first time. Well to make this shorter, my husband and I went to see him today. I almost didn't recognize him. It was very sad, he cried, I cried and then things pretty much were the same as they have been for the past many years. I love my brothers, but they have made some choices that have had profound affects on me. My oldest brother seems to realize he has made some very bad choices in his life. I hope things get better for him and that he finds some peace in his life and some happiness too.
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