rubysnina (rubysnina) wrote,

Girls Girls Girls

Learned today that our next grandchild will be a girl. I have been telling our daughter to THINK PINK for months and today she said it worked! Dad and Mom to be are very excited and bewildered as they really thought they would have a boy. Our granddaughter, Ruby, said it was a girl right from the start and while I would give her just about anything I did wonder how she would accept a boy cousin. Turns out nothing to worry about.

Grandpa and Nina are thrilled to think that there will be another little girl in our lives. More importantly, Ruby and her new cousin will learn that their role in helping the economy will be far reaching and a lifelong commitment. "SHOP TILL WE DROP" will be their motto, and if Nina wants to help fund this venture, well why not.
Tags: granddaughter, shop

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