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SAP School

I am posting a little late, but wanted to make note of the week I spent in Philadelphia. The day began when the van picked us up at the hotel at 8AM. Classes started at 9 and lasted until 5. It was a very long week but I learned so much. I met some great people and hope to keep in touch. We are all in the same "boat" as it were, some fine tuning, and some like myself just getting started. All in all, it was a great experience. On Friday, I took the train to NY to spend the weekend with our daughter. It was a great way to end a very long week. We shopped, ate and had a really nice time. On Saturday we went to the Hearth Restaurant. They had this prix fixed sampler meal that we both ordered. The meal started out with Lobster ravioli which was excellent. We then had stripped bass, a beef dish with peas and beets, and 2 desserts. I was very good and only tasted both desserts. All in all, it was excellent and I would recommend the restaurant. Sunday, we found ourselves at the Museum of Natural History. I hadn't been there in more years than I can count but had a great time. So much has not changed like the dinosaurs and Asian and African elephants, but they had some great new exhibits that included a butterfly exhibit. I never realized that butterflies could get so big. After spending some time there, we found a restaurant nearby that looked and sounded great. The sound was the jazz band inside. There was a short wait but it was worth it. I have had eggs benedict in many restaurants, but never New Orleans style. It was great. My trip was coming to an end and I had to head out to the airport. It was an uneventful flight back. I had a great week and was sorry it was ending but I was really happy to be home sleeping in my own bed. I was happy to see that my husband managed to survive the week although I think he missed me.
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