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Euros Euros Euros

A lesson learned is never a bad thing. Thanks to our son, we now have our traveling Euros. BofA made it easy to exchange $ for Euros and delivered them to a local bank. Good for B of A for such good customer service.

On another note, our implementation of SAP is less than 2 weeks away. There are some skeptics, JTR, who doubted we would meet the deadline, and while it is still 2 weeks away I am confident it will happen. The production client is being loaded with legacy data as I write this. 90K part numbers have been uploaded along with all a miriad of additonal stuff. I can say implementations are tough and aggressive implementations like ours is super tough. Our consultants are amazed we have completed as much as we have in the time we have. Several have told us that we are setting a new benchmark for SAP implementations. Yahoo!
Tags: b of a, europe, sap

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